I’ve always loved the magic and power of words. As an early and voracious reader, I learned as a small child that words have the power to captivate, educate, heal, encourage, and so much more. AmPopsy was born out of a desire to connect, empower, and elevate professional women of color by harnessing the power of words through articles that uplift us, stories that connect us, and information that helps us achieve our wildest dreams in a world that, too often, beats us down for daring to think that we deserve more in the places and spaces that we inhabit.

I hope that this online magazine can be a resource that helps all of us find an avenue to harness our individual and collective power, discover and maintain financial freedom, and lead fulfilling, rewarding, and empowered lives. From practical advice and tools for navigating the unique challenges that we face as women of color in the workplace to helpful lifestyle articles on topics such as overcoming past trauma, rebounding from failure, how to have more fulfilling personal relationships, and everything in between – AmPopsy is a website where we, as women of color, are heard, seen, and celebrated.

Welcome to AmPopsy. I hope that you’ll stop by often.