New Year, Newish Me!

AmPopsy…It’s that time again!! You know what it is…it comes every year like clockwork- Happy New Year!! And much like preparing your annual tax return, it is a time for an endless supply of hope that you will receive a kind of windfall in life, quietly fearing the truth will be quite the opposite. But alas, it’s only the first week, so let’s stay hopeful and ambitious, folks!

I’d like to share my overall game plan for this new year which I will break down into my “Will” & “Will Not” lists. I also want to encourage you, the AmPopsy family, to do the same and start brainstorming on what your “Wills” and “Will Nots” might look like in this Year of our Lord, 2022. I’ll start…and y’all feel free to join me in the comment box below!

I Will…

I will look forward to this year with an abundance of cautious optimism and a reckless disregard of any toxicity and negativity.

I will travel every month to some new brown locale and immerse myself in the culture and lifestyle (More on that in later articles). 

I will spend my time doing only things I truly love such as traveling, cooking, reading, writing, working out and re-connecting with my loved ones. 

I will treat myself with grace as I make choices and decisions, recognizing that I am both human and divine!

I will complete various passion projects that I have started in the past, only to be left by the wayside because of the many obstacles life has thrown at me.

I will set aside time and money for my self-care and treat myself as my own favorite DIY project.

I will treat myself with grace as I make choices and decisions, recognizing that I am both human and divine!

I Will Not…

I will not discuss any goals or resolutions because this year I make it a point to not set anything. My only plan for 2022 is continuous action. That will be the North Star guiding me to wherever this absurdly beautiful place that is our Universe has in store for me. 

I will not look backwards or punish myself for past mistakes but instead pay attention to the lessons I’ve learned from them. 

I will not allow myself to stress over things that are out of my direct control including our current state of affairs, climate change, erosion of democracy and basic human rights but will strive to find ways to effect positive change in my community and the world as a whole.

I will not dim my shine for the sake of anyone or anything.

I will not stop trying to live the life that I want and deserve to live.

This list is clearly not exhaustive and I could go on but stick with me as I take this journey. This should be a very exciting year!! And what about you? What’s on your list of “Wills” and “Will Nots” for 2022?