Your May/June Playlist

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Years ago, as a twenty-something Popsy new to the City of Angels, one of the hallmarks of summer season was the annual UCLA Jazz Reggae Fest. Held every Memorial Day weekend for the past thirty-four years, the festival was always a much lauded event for me and my crew. It was an opportunity to not only enjoy some of the greatest musical acts in the country at the time, but was also a great chance to catch up with my girls, flirt with a cute guy or two, and herald the beginning of summertime joys like day parties, pool parties, beach meet-ups, and weekend barbecues.

As an homage to this year’s Jazz Reggae Fest which will be happening virtually, our newest playlist perfectly intertwines neosoul jazz with chill r&b and pop tunes that tickle the ear in the best way possible. This playlist was made with long summer drives in mind and is filled with songs that invite you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the beginning of long, sun-filled days and warm, heady nights. The full Spotify playlist is available here for your listening pleasure.

Enjoy, and Happy Memorial Day!

Your April Playlist

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April is Financial Literacy Month, an excellent excuse and opportunity to re-examine your relationship with money. It’s also the perfect chance to begin developing a healthier mindset when it comes to your finances. That starts with educating yourself and equipping yourself with the tools and resources that you need to attract and maintain wealth and abundance in your House of Finances.

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Your March Playlist

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It’s International Women’s Month, and we are celebrating with our very own curated playlist full of upbeat, empowering, and confidence-boosting songs. This list is perfect for your next Peloton ride, morning run, or private dance party. It’s also great to listen to anytime you need a reminder that you are, indeed, a bad-ass chick.

The full playlist is available HERE for your Spotify downloading pleasure.

Happy Listening!