Finding the Magic in Your Life

When I was five, I was obsessed with Inspector Gadget.

The lovable, albeit completely clueless cartoon spy, was funny, endearing, and oh-so entertaining.  I felt a particular connection to his whip-smart niece, Penny, who, along with their very capable dog, Brain, managed to always save the day while keeping Gadget safe from both himself and the nefarious plots of Dr. Claw.

I was so inspired by Penny that one day I decided that I was going to make a computer book just like the one she used to help her uncle solve cases. Determined as could be, I set about the house with crayons and a stack of papers. I wrote and drew all of the things that I imagined a computer book would have.

And then, to make sure it worked properly, I plunged my masterpiece into a sink of water. The idea being that immersing my Crayola-drawn book would imbue it with whatever magical properties it needed to actually work as a computer.

Needless to say, my experiment failed miserably.

But, that failure never stopped me from seeking out the magic in my everyday life. In times like these, a little magic is very much needed. Which is why we’re dedicating the November issue of AmPopsy to finding and cultivating the magic in your life.

After all, what would life be without a little magic in it?

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