Sweet Magic: Four Magicians Share the Wonder of Magic

We couldn’t possibly do a series on magic without consorting with actual magicians. After all, what would magic be without, well, magic? So, to round out this month’s “Magic” series, here are a few tricks from some of the best magicians in the biz. You’re welcome!

But first, a little history lesson…

Richard Potter, born in 1783 in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, was not only the first American-born magician and ventriloquist, he’s also considered the very first African-American celebrity. Practicing the arts of magic, hypnotism, and ventriloquism, he traversed the East Coast swallowing swords, performing vanishing acts, and crawling through solid wood logs to the astonishment of his audiences.

The talented magicians below proudly carry on Potter’s legacy by performing their tricks of the trade all over the world, proving that life is ever sweeter when infused with a bit of magic.

Joshua Messado, otherwise known as Mr. Messado to his fans, is a close-up magician currently based in the City of Brotherly Love. Known for his “ringistry”, Mr. Messado has mesmerized spectators with his work on “Wizard Wars” with Penn & Teller and featured appearances on the SyFy Channel.

Below, he demonstrates one of his incredible tricks with his famous Messado Rings.

For more Messado Magic, check out his website at MessadoMagic.com and follow him on Instagram at mr.messado.

Looking for a way to liven up your next Zoom call? Well, why not kick off that dreaded icebreaker portion of your meeting with a trick by the world-famous Eric Jones? Known for turning everyday items into flights of fancy, this award-winning performer has been featured on the Today Show (NBC), Masters of Illusion (CW), America’s Got Talent (NBC), and Monday Night Magic, NYC’s longest-running off-Broadway magic show.  

Check out his crazy trick below featuring the beloved Rubik’s cube.

You can find more of Eric Jones and his zany tricks at ericjonesmagic.com and on Instagram at ericjonesmagic.

For those of you who might be feeling adventurous enough to try your own hand at magic, check out Kid Ace and his #Magic Monday’s tutorials where he teaches you the secrets of a different magic trick each week in 60 seconds or less.

Hailing from Harlem, New York, Kid Ace is one of the most in-demand illusionists in the business. His work can be seen on shows like Netflix’s Bill Nye Saves the World and in-person at one of his live tour stops (when the world re-opens, of course). In the meantime, catch him on his website at kidace.com and on his Instagram at kidacemagic.

And last, but certainly not least, prepare to be enthralled by Philly mentalist, Ran’D Shine. Ran’D is so much more than a magician. An historian and educator of magic, he has traveled the world giving lectures on magic. He even secured an invite by our Forever President, Barack Obama, to perform at the 44th Presidential Inauguration Banquet & Ball. His brand of magical comedy and entertainment has also been on display at Hollywood’s ‘Magic Castle’. He’s also a proud alum of NYC’s ‘Monday Night Magic’.

Check out his fun and endearing video below.

Be sure to visit randyshine.com for more mentalist magic and follow him at ran_magic on Instagram.

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