Faith in the Face of Fear

What do you do when fear knocks at your front door disguised as rejection, insecurity, depression, discouragement, or a false narrative blemishing your character? 

As a woman of faith, I’ve experienced having to release the unconscious tendency to internalize fear. Releasing fear is a continual renewal of the mind, body & spirit. The same principle applies to operating in faith -it’s a daily journey. There are familiar catchphrases that are frequently referenced, one being, Faith Over Fear. Faith is having complete trust in something or someone.  It is tapping into something greater at work within us, something that fuels hope and reminds us that our futures are still good regardless of our present circumstances.

What do you do when fear knocks at your front door?

Take a moment to reflect on a tough situation, something that was beyond your control, and yet, somehow everything worked out for your good. Was there something deep within that you believed would intervene on your behalf?  We each have a measure of faith that develops as our own personal journey evolves. I often use the expression that faith is like having a superpower, and you don’t truly understand the magnitude of that power until you’re in a situation that requires its use.

Imagine flying in the best season of your life  when, suddenly, the unexpected collides with your progress. Last year, while enjoying an upward trajectory in my life, I slammed into something quite unexpected and unwelcome. This resulted in a pivotal shift in my life and career that completely challenged what I believed.

I took a leap of faith and resigned from a notable corporate entertainment position to pursue my purpose wholeheartedly. I would be remiss if I didn’t express that this was one of the scariest decisions to date, but it was necessary.  Faith was my only guide; I did not rely on a strategic plan.

Faith is like having a superpower…

Instead, I leaned on my belief in the power of timing and knowing when to move forward. I left it all behind and surrendered to a deep knowing that something greater awaited me. I left a huge opportunity, but doing so allowed me to gain a greater sense of peace, self-worth, value, and authenticity. I refused to allow fear to steal the best of my joy, peace, and dreams. Because of this, my life has been elevated in ways I never could have imagined.

I challenge you today to remove anything that impedes your growth and destiny.

You may be in a place currently that feels debilitating. You’re not alone. Fear is beating down everyone’s door as all of us struggle to find our footing in a current global pandemic punctuated with widespread civil unrest and a national recession. This year appears to be cancelled, but there’s still time to change the narrative.

There’s still time to change the narrative.

In fact, some would argue that in moments of great distress and struggle, fear activates our faith. After all, Faith calls for extreme measures when you’re striving for greater levels of success.

Despite all that’s going on in the world, you may find this to be the most opportune time to begin a new career path, pursue personal development, reflect and maybe even embrace faith completely. Take some time for yourself to envision all the goals you have yet to accomplish in your life and update your vision board accordingly. The good news is that with faith, all things are possible.

 I believe Faith to be the one core universal force that you can rely on and activate  in every single aspect of your life to move past fear and into a place of security, joy, encouragement, and truth.  

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