The Power of Stillness

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How much time do you allow yourself to simply be still??  

Learning to be still requires a willingness to be intentional in making time to be still.  And while it might seem impossible or even unrealistic to seek out a moment of peace given the daily grind of Zoom meetings, meeting family obligations, and managing life amid a seemingly unceasing pandemic, doing so is not only recommended, it’s a necessary component of taking care of ourselves.

There is a quote in scripture that gives an example of this insight in Proverbs 27:19, As water reflects the face, so one’s life reflects the heart.

This Proverb expresses how peace and stillness are synonymous with each other and illustrates how the level of one’s inner peace becomes a reflection of one’s own life.

But what does it mean to be still?

Stillness is a state of being rather than the act of doing. You may choose to be alone in a room, lying down on a yoga mat in a studio, sitting in the backyard, or seated on a public bench by a pond – it doesn’t matter what it looks like. What matters is that you create a space that feels right for you.

Once there, take a moment to separate yourself from any and all distractions. Give yourself a pass to step away from your phone, computer, and the daily chaos of life. Choose to be in the moment and focus.  Lastly, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and give yourself permission to simply be.

Allow your mind to release all thoughts that are hindering you from your purpose. Release any stress and pain that you’re carrying and surrender to a power greater than yourself. Acknowledge your own value and worth. Give yourself credit for all that you’ve accomplished. And listen to what the Spirit is saying in that still, small voice. Don’t worry if doing so causes a wellspring of emotion. Tears, laughs and smiles are welcome in this space.

Prepare yourself for the new level of clarity that you will have about yourself and your life. Don’t be surprised when the answers you once pursued start pursuing you.

I challenge you this week to incorporate a schedule that reflects a specific time of stillness.

Make it a priority.

Write down some positive affirmations of prayers, quotes, and/or poems as a reference source.

Feel the love surrounding you, the protection covering you, and a God that watches over you.

Continue to harness the highest version of yourself and take note of your progress.

I hope you continue to cultivate stillness as a much-needed element of your new normal.

Remember you are the reflection of joy, love, and light you give to the world.

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