Permission to Rest

It’s been a long year. And it’s been a hard year. While I have hope that the new year will bring us some much-needed leadership at the national level on everything from the pandemic to the continued fight against systemic racism, I need a break. And that’s why this month’s issue is dedicated to three simple words/mandates – Rest. Recharge. Reset.

Take this month to rest.

Take this month to refill that cup of yours which has been running on empty for some time now.

Take this month to really take stock of what’s working and what’s not. Make your action plan. Set your timeline. And then do it.

But, first – REST. Take the time to take care of you. Because you deserve it. Because you need it. Because it is critical to your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

So, as we officially wind down one of the most difficult, anxiety-ridden, fear-inducing, “I’ve had more than enough” years in modern history, consider this your official permission to rest and be well.

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