Ten Great Ways to Fall into Fall!!

1.Take a Foliage Drive or Train Ride…

The best part of the changing seasons is reveling in the beautiful array of color of the leaves. Whether you choose to drive or leave the driving to others, enjoy the beauty of nature and take loads of pictures.

2. Fall Fashion Show

Forget Spring Cleaning! This is the season for a Fall Fashion Show where you pull out your fave chunky sweaters, long boots and cardigans. Strut your stuff alone or with friends. There is nothing more exciting than curating your wardrobe for fall fashion.

3. Jump in a big pile of leaves.

Invoke childhood by letting go, diving in and rolling around. Leave your cares behind in the leaves of fall. Listen to the satisfying crunch and the fun of finding pieces in your hair and other places for the rest of the afternoon.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

4. Pumpkin Power!

It’s the pumpkin’s time to shine, so let them live! Carve a Pumpkin; Visit a Pumpkin Patch, DIY a Pumpkin Spice Drink, Make pumpkin curry or pie. Whatever you do, add some pumpkin to it.

5. Find your local Turkey Trot or 5K.

Running on a crisp day wearing a cozy hoodie with nature as your soundtrack…. Now, that’s Fall in a nutshell. Get some exercise in some of the best running weather you will find outside of Spring.

6. Join the DIY Craze.

There are many at-home candle making and wreath kits. Gather your good friends and some free leaves and channel your inner B. Smith. Bring Autumn indoors and enjoy until Winter. 

7. Throw a Halloween Costume Party.

Throw a DIY party and invite your friends to showcase their creativity and maybe trauma. Whether it is a solo costume or a fit for a group, you can workshop your best outfit!

Photo by Bee Felten-Leidel

8. Host a Scary (or Funny) Movie Marathon.

Scare yourself and others silly with old or new school terror. Or choose to go the other way and lean into comedy. There is nothing better than snuggling up or down into a comfy couch with a good movie, a hot toddy and a cozy blanket.

9. Host a Bonfire of Intentions.

You don’t always need to wait for the New Year to set your intentions or dreams. Write your intentions on paper and throw them into the bonfire, release old energy and harness the new. And once you and maybe your friends are done….SMORES!!

10. Find a Hayride.

Sure they can be uncomfortable and you will likely end up with hay in places the sun don’t shine, but there is something so autumnal about riding around in the back of a truck. Don’t forget to bring the Apple Cider and your best scary stories!!