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Susie Ziegler, Fundraising Professional

Susie Ziegler is not shy when asking for money. In fact, it’s her job, and one that she’s very, very good at. She excels at raising millions of dollars for an academic institution while juggling MBA classes, a healthy marriage, two cute pups, and various civic commitments including her duties as VP of Fund Development with the Junior League of Grand Rapids. And she makes all of it look easy. Her secret? Understanding that self-care is not an indulgence, it’s a necessity.

She shares her thoughts below.

You can’t pour from an empty cup.


On refilling her cup and refilling it often….

For me, self-care means taking intentional time to not only take stock of my cup, but also to dedicate the time necessary to fill it up when it’s empty.  It’s a check-in with myself, a moment of self-reflection that is crucial for me to identify the times when I need to take a moment for some quality me time.  Sometimes that instant means realizing I just need to brush off a long day and other times that moment tells me it’s time to stop for a reset.

Susie Ziegler, Fundraising Professional

On creating her very own sanctuary….

I’m lucky to have access to a beautiful sanctuary where I can totally relax and indulge in all the things that make me happy.  I light a candle, turn on my favorite music, and dim the lights.  During the day, it’s just a normal bathroom, but around ten o’clock every night, it transforms into a magical place where I can indulge in a multi-step skincare routine and let my worries- and my wrinkles- melt away.  It’s my way of winding down and getting away from the screens I see all day to take an honest look at myself… and my cup. 

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