The Self-Care Journals… Part Deaux

LaMonika Taylor, Senior Compliance Officer, Sasol

When LaMonika Taylor was faced with the daunting task of working full-time from home while also managing remote learning for her kids as a result of the continuing pandemic, she was, understandably, overwhelmed. But, she realized fairly quickly that in order to get through it, she’d need to prioritize her self-care.

On the importance of having a daily self-care routine….

My self-care time is typically in morning while everyone is asleep. I’ve incorporated running into my daily routine. It’s a time that is just for me. I use the time I spend running to clear my head, to pray or to think.

My last reprieve of the day is a pre-bed skin care routine. It gives me the opportunity to wind down and maintain healthy skin.

For my peace and sanity, I had to make the conscious decision to TAKE BACK a portion of the day for myself.

Positive Vibes Only

It’s important to point out that my interactions [with others] have been purposely fashioned with positive individuals only. With the barrage of negativity we encounter on a day to day basis, as well as in the media, it’s important to control what you consume.

On redefining the meaning of “church“…

Not being able to attend church has been difficult. I am a habitual Sunday morning, 8 o’clock service, Methodist Church attendee. My Church has a Facebook live option, but it just is not the same as being there in person. I fill up my Sunday mornings watching church sermons, and participating in church with my extended family via zoom. We have an entire service with praise and worship, a sermon and communion. I think The pandemic has taught us that church is not confined to a “place.”

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