Making Room For Faith

low-angle photo of lightened candles
Photo by Mike Labrum on Unsplash

Very recently, I hit a wall. Not a literal wall, but rather the kind of wall that made me not want to get out of bed and deal with all of the things going on in my life at the time. It was tough realizing that I felt that way. And I felt even worse when I realized I had no idea how to stop feeling that way.

So, I turned to the one thing that always, always, ALWAYS helps me deal with difficult feelings and circumstances – my faith. Which is why I am so happy to share the following piece authored by AmPopsy contributor, Deidra George. A piece that helps all of us make room for faith and its close cousin, hope, in our lives.

I’m sure that all of us are struggling with something right now, whether that be job-related stress, anxiety around money matters, or just all of the feelings that come with the one-year anniversary of our Covid-imposed quarantine. I hope that Deidra’s words will offer you a bit of comfort, hope, and light with whatever stressors life is throwing your way right now.

Faith performs as a spiritual currency regardless of one’s religious beliefs. It allows you to respond to fear and worry from a place of power and peace, keeps you rooted in the land of hope, and gives you the ability to make wise, informed decisions even as you struggle with a difficult situation or troubling circumstances. As always, the toughest part in engaging in a faith journey is getting started.  Here are a few tips to help you cultivate faith in the face of fear, worry, and anxiety.

Create Space for Faith. Establish a sacred space of peace.  Share your thoughts of faith with a friend, spouse, or confidant. The power of agreement goes a long way. Surround yourself with people that genuinely support your vision.   Write down affirmations, prayers or quotes that edify your belief and refer to them as needed.

Close the Door to Fear. Recognize the triggers that cause you fear and anxiety.  Do not be afraid to remove yourself from toxic environments or people.  Never compromise your core values and beliefs for opportunities. Speak positive words over your life and the people around you. Never lose hope.

Know That There Are Limitless Possibilities For You and Your Life. Expect great things to happen in your life. There’s nothing you cannot do once you decide to move forward. Allow faith to be your guide. Begin doing what genuinely makes you happy. Your authenticity is what makes you unique. Believe in yourself and trust the process.


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